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Black Sats $bsat - A memecoin on the largest blockchain in the world, Bitcoin.


1 $bsat = 100.000.000 $sats

What is Black Sats ?

$BSAT is born out of the desire to address the challenges faced by $SATS enthusiasts, who find the total supply of $SATS overwhelming and the inability to burn the tokens a limiting factor. The BlackSat token seeks to provide a solution by offering a more reasonable supply while embracing the ethos of the BRC-20 chain.

Key Features:

  • Limited Total Supply: 21,000,000 bsat

    $BSAT boasts a total supply of only 21,000,000 tokens, making it a more manageable and attractive option for enthusiasts.

  • Fair Minting:

    Everyone is invited to mint $BSAT, ensuring fairness and inclusivity in the community. No cheating, no bullshit just a straightforward opportunity for all.

  • Meme Coin Status on BRC-20:

    Positioned on the BRC-20 chain, $BSAT aims to become the premier meme coin in this highly decentralized ecosystem.


Black Sats Roadmap

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BlackSat ($BSAT) is not just a meme token; it represents a movement towards a fairer, more accessible crypto space. With a limited supply, fair minting practices, and integration into the BRC-20 chain, $BSAT is positioned to become a global meme coin, providing a unique and exciting opportunity for crypto enthusiasts.

I cannot, but together we can—with $BSAT, we embark on a journey towards a more inclusive and decentralized crypto future.